Gardening with no limits

This Saturday morning, like millions of parents of school-aged children around the world, I woke up to another day in COVID mode, musing, “What are we going to do today?” My question is echoed several minutes later by the arrival of my buoyant nine-year-old, who chirpily asks, “What are we doing this weekend?” It’s a…

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Food tips for Armageddon, part one

Its being the dark and chilly month of November, and with the results of a recent election still weighing on my mind, I’ve been thinking, again, about what I would do if the world were to suddenly change. I wouldn’t call myself a “prepper,” that is, I haven’t stocked my basement with dry goods, barrels of water, and medical supplies to last a decade or more, though I can understand that impulse in hard times.

We may never be mentally prepared for the unexpected, but I do think it’s wise to consider a few things that previous generations would have likely taken as givens when it came to their food:

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