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Use the dull knife! Pickling with schoolchildren

My five-year-old’s school has a lovely fall tradition. On Harvest Day, early each October, the classes take part in an epic baking, crafting, and pickling marathon, with mixed-age groups rotating through apple pie baking, Irish soda bread mixing, salsa and pickle making, and fridge magnet construction.

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Green Tomatoes: Recipes For Saying Goodbye To Summer

Summers on the Canadian East Coast are a mixed bag, weather-wise. For folks in Cape Breton, they can be downright frosty affairs. In his brilliant novel, No Great Mischief, Alistair MacLeod describes a Nova Scotia grandmother who bursts into tears driving by a field of overripe tomatoes being ploughed under near Leamington, Ontario, the closest this country gets to a tomato hotspot. 

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