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I'm a Halifax-based author specializing in garden and kitchen self-help books (see links to my titles below), including Grow Organic, winner of the 2011 Best Atlantic-Published Book award.

I have appeared as a guest on CBC Radio's Mainstreet, Information Morning, and Maritime Noon, Breakfast Television, and News 95.7 FM's The Weekend Gardener, as well as in person at many gardening and trade shows, talking about my passion for growing and preserving our own food.

I support other writers as a coach and editor at all stages of the writing process.

My workshops show how to achieve self-sufficiency and better health through growing our own food, preserving what we grow, gardening and cooking with kids, and eating for brain health.

My limited edition children's book The Big Flush can be purchased directly from the author.

I am working on a new book about healing from concussion; please stay tuned to this page for updates!

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It's here!

I have a new book! Lost and Found: Recovering Your Spirit After a Concussion tells the story of my healing from this challenging injury, and the lessons I learned about resilience during that long and difficult process that I want to share with others who are recovering. You can order your very own copy on Amazon. Stay tuned for an audio version of the book, for those with
visual processing difficulties.


Click cover for more info!

Click cover for more info!

Update On My New Audiobook

Friends, I am so happy to tell you that I am going into the studio tomorrow to begin recording the audio version of my book, Lost and Found: Recovering Your Spirit After A Concussion. It is important to me that I share this work with my fellow concussion alumni in...

Celebrating Your Accidentaversary

May 2nd, 2013 is a significant date for me: six years ago on that day, I fell and hit my head at the gym, and so began my acquaintance with concussion. I’ve learned that our brains hold on to significant dates—some benign, like birthdays, and some painful, like the date...

Stalking green dragon babies: my love affair with fiddleheads

For Maritimers, May means the beautiful and widely-anticipated unfurling of the ostrich fern, otherwise known as the fiddlehead, whose name accurately reflects the shape of that musical instrument. Especially renowned in New Brunswick, along the banks of the Saint John river, but actually found throughout the Maritimes and New England,...

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