Using up preserves, part 1

This month, I am giving thought to all the annoying half-filled jars ofpreserves that haunt my fridge door (and maybe yours, too). Orphaned jarsof jams, relishes, pickles… what’s a cook to do with them? Let’s start with jam! I am guilty of opening several flavours of jam at once because MOODS… Thismeans an unruly crowd…

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Why You Should Grow Jerusalem Artichokes This Fall (Or Next Spring!)

Looking for a healthy alternative to potatoes that’s easy to grow, low-maintenance and suitable for those with dietary restrictions? Look no further than the Jerusalem artichoke! Also known as sunchokes, Jerusalem artichokes are hardy native Canadian perennials that can quickly get established in your garden patch. They are giants, growing sometimes 3 metres in height,…

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Feed Me!

When my kid was six months old and still an exclusive breast-feeder, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and ordered just about everything on the menu; holy smokes, does a nursing baby ever make its mom ravenous!

When the dishes arrived, Will’s eyes lit up and his chubby hand shot out to scoop up a big handful of guacamole, licking it greedily off his fingers. The refried beans met the same fate; his mom barely got a look in. The look of profound satisfaction on his round and beaming face made me realize two things:   1. This kid was going to be a foodie and 2. I might as well give away the books on infant feeding that recommended starting out with the most bland and pre-digested of mashes, and get right to the point. Even in his food choices, Will wanted to be treated like an older person, not an invalid with no teeth and a delicate constitution….

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