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Hi, I'm Elizabeth! 

I’ve grown my own food since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, in my family’s vegetable garden. I thought that was what all the other kids were doing during summer vacation, too—in fact, I believed that was why teachers gave us the summers off!

Since that time, I’ve grown a lot of vegetables, led many workshops, and written several books that show you how to create, maintain, and enjoy your own organic food garden.

Even if you live in an apartment with a small balcony, I can help you learn how to grow your own food.


My online course, Sprout, answers your most pressing garden questions, from starting seeds indoors, to creating an easy first garden bed without backbreaking labour, to preventing insect problems before they start.

You’ll get access to four instructional modules that take you from simple garden setup, to creating healthy soil and choosing the right crops, to troubleshooting common garden problems, along with links to helpful gardening resources.

You’ll also get a copy of my new e-book, Grow Hope: A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Food Garden at Home.

To access the online course, Sprout, just click below. You will be directed to the course platform Thinkific. Upon payment and setting up a student account—about 1-2 minutes—you will have access to all course content!


Need a Garden Coach?

My 1:1 garden consulting packages give you the skills and confidence to turn your yard or balcony into a healthy and productive food-growing zone.

Here’s how I can help:

Basic Garden Consultation

Do you need someone to come to your yard and help you plan your garden? Do you already have a sad garden that needs some attention?

I am available for 90-minute consultations (within 1 hour of the Halifax, NS area). These include a full written assessment after our meeting with personalized suggestions for how to start and/or maintain your food garden. You also get access to my local seed library and a copy of my book Grow Hope.


The Bumper Crop

Eager to grow your own food right now and get the best results for your gardening efforts?

Don’t have time to read a bunch of gardening books cover to cover?

The Bumper Crop package is ideal for new or returning gardeners looking for intensive support throughout the growing season (typically, May—September).

You get:

90-minute initial garden consultation, in-person, if you live within a one-hour radius of Halifax, NS (see below if your garden is farther away than that). Together we will make a plan for your garden. I will provide you with a written assessment of what we talked about along with my suggestions for turning your yard or balcony into an edible paradise!

30-minute garden visits every 2 weeks

Access to all the gardening resources available on Sprout, my online gardening course.

Access to my seed library

Unlimited questions by text or email throughout the growing season

Copy of my books Grow Hope and You Can Too: Canning, Pickling and Preserving the Maritime Harvest

Bonus content: Tips on how to preserve the harvest once you’ve grown it!


Not from here? I can still work with you!

Is your garden miles away from mine?

I also provide online consultation services! Web-based garden consultations are available at 30% off the in-person rate.

Contact me to find out more!


What my clients are saying…

Read my books and get inspired to get growing!

Want to start growing more of your own food? I can show you how!


What readers are saying about my books…

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