Grow Organic – Book


Grow Organic deals with specifically Nova Scotian issues, giving advice about our growing season, which types of vegetables grow best here, and where to get local organic seeds. The book also contains a chapter of inspirational profiles of specific gardeners and farmers from around the province. The book is written in a friendly, straightforward manner, and is intended as a simple and accessible guide for people with a specific interest in organic vegetable gardening. It includes many illustrative photographs and recipes.


Praise for Grow Organic:

“Written in a friendly, straightforward manner, Grow Organic is an accessible guide for homeowners interested in organic vegetable gardening….” (East Coast Living, Spring 2010)

“Cookbooks and gardening guides shouldn’t make you feel like a useless toad, or make you wish you lived in another city. But Peirce’s Grow Organic…is a boost of confidence, even if you’ve only ever grown mould. Peirce doesn’t expect that you know a till from a turnip, and she writes in a conversational, unpretentious tone. Best of all, she understands Atlantic weather, and that many of us don’t have spaces bigger than a balcony…. The book is well-designed with a bounty of colour photographs. Instead of reading general books about locavore living, why not read a local book about growing your own food?” (Sue Carter Flinn, The Coast, April 8, 2010)