Food Garden Coaching Services

Sprout (Basic package)

A collection of webinars, tutorials, and garden resources that will guide you through the first steps of setting up and maintaining your food garden.


You get:

Four instructional modules that take you from simple garden setup, to creating healthy soil and choosing the right crops, to troubleshooting common garden problems.

Copy of my book, Grow Hope: A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Food Garden at Home

Links to helpful gardening resources


How it works:

Upon clicking the "Sprout package" button, you will be directed to the online course platform Thinkific, where you will need to set up a student account with your name and email address (this takes about 1-2 minutes). Upon payment, you will have access to all course content. Enjoy!

Branching Out

In addition to all the resources available in Sprout, you receive personalized garden guidance throughout the growing season.


You get:

Two thirty-minute pep talk calls at any time you need them, plus two months of biweekly emails to check on your garden’s progress during the growing season

Copy of my book Grow Hope: A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Food Garden at Home


Bumper Crop

Eager to grow your own food right now and get the best results for your gardening efforts?

Don’t have time to read a bunch of gardening books cover to cover?

The Bumper Crop package is ideal for new or returning gardeners looking for intensive support throughout the growing season (typically, May—September) . Includes all the resources from Branching Out with additional in-person support.


You get:

90-minute initial garden consultation, in-person, if you live within a two-hour radius of Halifax, NS (see below if your garden is farther away than that). Together we will make a plan for your garden. I will provide you with a copy of what we talked about along with my suggestions for turning your yard or balcony into an edible paradise!

30-minute garden visits every 2 weeks

Unlimited questions by text or email throughout the growing season

Copy of my books Grow Hope and You Can Too: Canning, Pickling and Preserving the Maritime Harvest

Bonus content: Tips on how to preserve the harvest once you’ve grown it!


Not from here? I can still work with you!

Is your garden miles away from mine?

I also provide online consultation services!  Web-based versions of Branching Out and Bumper Crop are available at 30% off the in-person rate.

Contact me to find out more!