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Do you have a great idea for a book, but no idea how to get started writing it? Or is your masterpiece already written, and now hiding inside a drawer?

I’d love to help!

I’m an editor, writing coach, and the author of six books of fiction and non-fiction. I spent fifteen years as a university English instructor, helping my students become better communicators in writing. I’ve been an editor since 2004, working with non-fiction and fiction writers at all stages of their books’ development.

Does this sound like you?

Photo Credit Free-Photo

Photo credit Free-Photo

You’ve come up with a great idea for a book, but you never seem to get around to writing it.

  • As a writing coach and mentor, I can keep you on track and accountable.

You have a manuscript already written, but aren’t sure what’s next.

  • I can provide you with a thoughtful evaluation of your cherished manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses before you submit it to a publisher.

You don’t know where you should submit your book and are wondering about self-publishing.

  • As an author, I have experience of both traditional and independent publishing. As an editor, I can take you through the process of becoming a self-published author and seeing your work in print sooner.

You’re worried about grammar and don’t want your book to look sloppy.

  • I have twenty years of experience in fixing all the picky little mistakes that can get in the way of clear writing.

Choose the services you need, and let’s get that book published!

What my clients are saying:

“Elizabeth Peirce has been of inestimable value to me over the years, both as a researcher, an editor and as a proof-reader. I could not have finished Black Loyalists without her help; her knowledge of eighteenth-century terminology, for example, was tremendously useful, as well as being a skill unusual in this day and age. She is well-read, responsible, and fast while being accurate. I rely on her expertise, and I trust her judgement.”

-Dr. Ruth Holmes Whitehead, Order of Nova Scotia, author of Black Loyalists

“I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for both my novels. Their success is due in no small part to her keen eye as an editor and honest appraisal of content. She completes her work in a timely fashion and I have always found her to be very professional. As both an author and an editor, she is uniquely qualified to bring out the best in each cherished manuscript.”

-Kathy Chisholm, author of Urban Tigers.

“As a first time author, I worked with Elizabeth Peirce in publishing my book. Knowing nothing about that part of the business, it was my good fortune to be able to work with her. Her skills in navigating through the different aspects of publishing a book were spot on. She was easy to work with, gave me great advice, and encouraged me every step of the way.”

-Dean Forrest, author of The Story of Santa